Announcement: we are transitioning to Plus Plans only.

Transition to Plus Plans only.

Today we will move the remaining Basic monthly plans to weekly Plus plans. Premium plans will remain available through our sales department.

All monthly plans who have been moved to a yearly plan which had some time left: the time left will be added to the yearly plan. We chose to do this in order to better align the product with our customers. Campaigns take months to get to a great level granularity where the perfect audience for your content is reached. Careers take even more.

We still offer heavily discounted plans for people from low-income socioeconomic backgrounds - just contact us for instructions on how to apply if you're part of such a group. As always our goal is empower creators and level the playing field.

Update: a small number of accounts has been wrongly billed. If your account is among them or you aren't satisfied with Northfy, simply contact us at to get an immediate refund.

The Northfy Team