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Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

Northfy advertises your content on various ad platforms. A subscription guarantuess a set amount of fixed engagement. Second-order results deriving from the fixed engagement driven by Northfy vary depending on your content.

Can I add both Instagram and Youtube

One Northfy subscription is good for one account. If you'd like to use Northfy with multiple accounts, you need to create another Northfy account with a new email.

What's considered engagement?

Northfy guarantuees that you get a fixed amount of engagement per month. Engagement is compromised of impressions, likes, views and comments.

Will it make me popular overnight?

Northfy will get you exactly the amount of engagement displayed in the plans. Second-order effects vary depending on your content.

Does it require a download or a lot of time?

No. It's all in the cloud. You subscribe in a minute and that's it.

Is it safe? Does it require my credentials?

We don't require your credentials and yes, it's safe as it's compliant with every platform's terms of service.

6-months simulation on a Plus plan.

This is an average simulation that assumes a 55K Instagram account as a starting point. Results depend on your content and how long you let Northfy's algorithms run.

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